Inclusive Assessment Framework for EU Competences Certification

The Project

Exchange of best practices, research and testing to certificate the competences of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome and other neurodivergences.

This project enlights the peculiar characteristics and competences of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome and other neurodivergences in order to support their inclusion in the labor market. These people may be excluded from professional activities, thus remaining in charge of families and public assistance.

The project develops useful criteria, methodologies and tools to promote an innovative model of job services aimed at social operators, employment agencies, public and private enterprises.

The European Partnership deals with the challenge of conceiving adequate tools and procedures to certificate the skills of neurodivergent people. Such measure should enable them to actively participate in social life, as well as broadening their job opportunities.

Public institutions involved in social and employment services would be able to deploy recruitment strategies in compliance with existing laws. On the other hand, the enterprises would hire skilled and suitable figures applying for their job vacancies. These solutions would also reassure families about the future of their sons.

Skills validation is our proposed solution for professional training, job placement and HR management.


  • Compared analysis of European systems and skills validation services
  • Modelization of tools for competences certifications aimed at people with neuro diversities. 2.1 Testing of procedures and assessments in Italy, Spain and France. 2.2 Training for operators. 2.3 Frameworks of cognitive non cognitive competences, evaluation assessments.
  • Online platform with taxonomy, ontology and design to promote, evaluate and register certificates in public databases.
  • Dissemination with parent training activities, seminars, meetings aimed at associations, families and stakeholders under the responsibility of Autism Europe.


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