Andrea, a young man on the autism spectrum, has aspired to be a cartoonist since childhood. How many others like him? Many. But only a few succeed.

Andrea is on the autism spectrum, and this has focused all his activities on that goal. We met him through the job counseling office of a small town in Northern Italy. He had some small experiences both during school and in the following years but never had a real job. He attended the Milan School of Comics for three years, completing it a few years ago to pursue his dream.

The "Talenti Latenti" Project seems tailor-made for a case like this. We established a good dialogue with Andrea and his father. The program involves identifying certifiable skills. The Italian national and Lombardy regional repertoires include skills and profiles for those working in this very particular field. We then identified two experts working for Italy's main production agency, who would serve as mentors to guide the process, as per the established procedures.

Skills Validation is a service that requires focusing on very specific goals. Rather than thinking about many competencies, it's about identifying the most crucial ones, as it involves collecting materials, evidence, and performing activities to demonstrate one's capabilities.

Industry experts reviewed and evaluated Andrea's work to avoid requesting evidence for what he had already demonstrated. This process resulted in a series of "tasks" and "assignments" designed to evaluate crucial aspects for those working in a demanding and competitive environment.

Andrea has shown both what he has and what he needs. Specifically, hands-on practice in some actions and personalized interactions with professionals on an ongoing basis.

The project doesn't include formal training, as it's challenging to secure funding for individualized training with the support of highly specific and specialized mentors. However, in the Lombardy region, there are funds and grants available for personalized training, mentoring, and internships. This program is called "Dote," and for individuals within the autism spectrum who are registered in the targeted employment services, it provides services tailored to their unique needs, just like what Andrea requires.

Therefore, the Certification service has led to a training program, necessary to meet the standards required by a highly competitive market. We are now initiating this phase with the Social Cooperative "il Seme," which supports CEQF in the operational phases of the project, requiring an accredited organization and expertise in active labor policies.

Andrea is 30 years old and has been waiting for his first job for far too long.

TalentiLatenti Project